Brabeck Interlock & Airlock systems feature installer friendly design since 2003. Installation of the system requires no  electronic knowledge, there is no confusing sophisticated wiring diagrams. All wires are modular plug in type. Installer simply plugs in the correct cables to correct connectors in the interlock controller then power-up the system. 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 doors interlocking controllers are mass-produced. Maximum number of doors to be controlled by a single controller is limited to 12 doors thus there is a possibility to manage more than 12 doors by installing two or more interlock controllers. Special demands/interlocking logic is also available. TM ve ES series interlock controllers are CE certified.

Effective solutions in accordance with industry standards.
Wide range of basic and customized solutions.
Complete systems supplied in assembly kits.
On-site installation and technical assistance upon request.

Target clients:
Pharmaceutical companies, Laboratories, Clean rooms (to offer airlock systems).
Prisons/Jails, Embassies, Valuable assets transporting companies (to offer mantrap/interlock systems).

Definitions of Terms:
In pharmaceutical companies there are different production areas which were classified based on their air pollution level from A to E. Entering from one air class to another, there are buffer zones at the corridors. These buffer areas are made up of multiple doors positioned one after the other. To maintain the air quality and prevent the clean air to be polluted by a lower-class air, those doors in the buffer areas should be opened in a predefined order. Opening of all doors at the same tie should be prevented by an electronic control system which we call AIRLOCK SYSTEM. The system could also control material transfer boxes (PASSBOX) and AIR SHOWER on demand.

Two modes of operations are available for interlock systems:

Type I
. Keeps all doors closed but unlocked. Locks the corresponding doors if a door is opened. In this type of system, door monitoring is critical. If a door is ajar, it may not register as open on a magnetic (reed) door contact, but it may be too far open for a magnetic lock to pull the door closed. Other methods of door sensing can be used but the cost of the system rises and the expansion / contraction of doors and frames can result in more than one door being open at the same time.

Type II. Keeps all doors closed and locked. Unlock a door by pressing the rex button on semaphore or grant access via access control system only if corresponding door is closed.

In high security areas like Prisons/Jails, Embassies, Valuable assets transporting companies (or vehicles), there are usually two or three doors to prevent uncontrolled access to the secured area. That is called INTERLOCK or MANTRAP SYSTEM.

The difference between mantrap and airlock system is; opening a door in airlock system is mostly uncontrolled. Any personnel could open the door if privileged. But in mantrap systems, opening the doors is under control of one security personnel or high security access control system. There is a mantrap control console to open the doors remotely by the personnel on duty at the area. The buffer zone of the mantrap system is monitored (by floor sensors) electronically so only one person to be allowed in each cycle.

Common features:

  • Airlocking / Interlocking of 2 to 12 doors or passboxes.

  • Fully compatible with access control systems. Standalone access control terminals to be connected directly to the specific models of semaphores without need of a sepearate power suppy.

  • Integrated industrial type short circuit protected switch mode power supply.

  • Wide variety of semaphore panels to fit in almost all type of door frames or wall partitions.

  • Emergency exit button on semaphores (overrides system for 60 seconds)

  • Fire alarm connection is available to release all doors on demand.

  • System violation alarms: interlocking logic violation (when two or more interlocking doors forced to be opened) and Door left open alarm (60 seconds)

  • Adjustable dwell time.

  • Automatic doors (Albany, Geze, Doorma, Assa Abloy, Nice, etc.) or sectional door control available on demand. Those automatic actuating doors could be opened via rex buttons on Brabeck semaphores.

Our systems could meet different demands such as special outputs for BMS or air ventilation systems.

Brabeck offers the widest selection of the semaphore panels and accessories for new built clean rooms or existing cleanrooms.

We do not only produce semaphore panels for interlock / airlock or mantrap systems, we also produce semaphore panels to be integrated with access control systems.

Custom design & production is also possible.



Mortise mount type semaphores features stainless steel face plates are to be mounted in door frames or wall partition panels.

Surface mount type semaphores features IP-54 abs plastic enclosures are to be mounted existing doors without need of carving the surface.


Abs plastic body. Features emergency and rex buttons. Easily mounted like a conventional light switch.


Stainless steel bracket with built in dropbolt lock. It is designed to ease lock installation to existing clean room doors without need of carving the door frame and door leaf. When it is combined with surface mount semaphore panels, installation of the entire system could be done by a non skilled personnel in a shorter time.


At the loading areas, the lights of standard semaphore panels might be difficult to observe by forklift or transpallet operators. It is mortise mounted on the wall partition.


Providing supervised access to the interlocking systems at the security buffer zones in embassies, detention facilities, etc.

Stainless steel enclosure mortise mounted on wall or desk. It was produced based on project requirements. Two or more doors control is available on demand/requirement. Special semaphore panels are also available to work with mantrap system.

Red and Green light illuminated rex buttons displays door lock status

It is operated by security personnel. Doors could be opened based on interlocking logic.

It is equipped with an emergency button secured under a lid to avoid accidental push.



Meeting the requirements of high security areas such as embassies, detention facilities, valuable asset transport vehicles, etc. It is impossible to fool the device since it is actuator is encrypted (non magnetic).

Could be ordered with 2mts., 5mts. ve 10mts. pig tail cable. 8 pin M12 connector is also available. Since it is not consisting of any moving parts, it is impact proof. MTBF @100mA load is 3.3 million opening cycles.

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